Aliaxia - We've launched our new PROFIBUS® Actuated Valves

February 2021

Demonstrating our continued commitment to product development, we're excited to introduce our new PROFIBUS Actuated Valves range, as part of our portfolio of solutions for the industrial and waste water treatment markets.

Designed for use with our SuperFlo ABS, FIP PVC, Durapipe Polypropylene and Corzan CPVC industrial pipework systems, our intelligent PROFIBUS Actuated Valves provide users with greater control and enhanced visibility of the wider system's performance.

Paired with a central programme logic controller (PLC), PROFIBUS allows for up to 250 valves to be controlled via the leading network. This will enable users to operate a network of valves remotely, either individually or in unison, to create patterns and commands for valve operation. The PROFIBUS valve can also feedback to the central PLC on various operating parameters.

Supplied pre-wired and pre-programmed, ready for PLC connectivity, PROFIBUS Actuated Valves provide an 'out of the box', plug-and-play solution. In addition, customers can opt to have the PROFIBUS Network Module retrofitted onto any existing electrically actuated valves with the support of our valves team, making the technology highly adaptable and cost-effective.

Our PROFIBUS Actuated Valves are available on three actuated valve types - VKD Ball Valve (all sizes), TKD 3-way Ball Valve (all sizes) and the FK Butterfly Valve (up to 4"/110mm) – and is compatible with a variety of PLC systems that operate using a PROFIBUS protocol, including both DP V0 and V1. The actuated valves can also connect to Modbus and Fieldbus software, in addition to PROFIBUS.

Speaking about the launch, Rich Pedley, Product Manager at Aliaxis, said: "Within the industry, there has been a growing demand for the level of connectivity made possible by the PROFIBUS network, especially within industrial automation and control applications. As a result, the launch of our PROFIBUS Actuated Valves is a really exciting step forward and we're thrilled to now be able to provide our customers with access to this technology.

"The connectivity enabled by our actuated valves will be a great solution for the waste water treatment market but we also see such automation providing equal value to the food and beverage sectors, opening up the potential for our products to connect to new and existing PROFIBUS networks."

The PROFIBUS network can also provide invaluable data and feedback on valve performance, such as temperature, fault analysis, valve positioning and cycle counts, all helping to better inform maintenance schedules and repairs.

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