Aco Technologies - New KerbDrain® SP455 Range

January 2021

New KerbDrain® SP455 Range

ACO UK are pleased to launch the new KerbDrain® SP455 range. The range includes not only the launch of the new SP455 channel, which can be transitioned to the HB480 KerbDrain®, but also accessories consisting of rodding access units, drop kerbs, centre stones and transition units. There is also a new splayed gully top to accommodate the change in
size which is compatible with the full splay range.

The introduction of this new range now allows seamless transition between the HB480 and SP455 systems as is common in the other KerbDrain® sizes. The introduction of a full range of accessories should extend the areas where the system can be specified and installed.

The range is fully certified to EN1433:2002 D400 and has been added to the ACO Kitemark licence. The range is also fully compatible with the new universal KerbDrain® endcaps launched in 2019.

The new SP455 system will be replacing the SP480 system, however due to the situation with COVID-19 both have been included within the price list. The SP455 range is in stock and available to order immediately.