Aliaxis Find out how our PLX range helps to keep data centres running in emergencies

January 2021

Back-up power generators are an essential feature in data centres across the world; ensuring that, even in the event of a power failure, the building's computer system is still provided with power and no data is lost. The generator's fuel pipework system also plays an essential role in this, supplying fuel from storage tanks through to the diesel generator, which in turn provides power.

During the construction of a new data processing centre in Madrid, Tavicce, the PLX distribution partner in Spain, was tasked with specifying the fuel pipework system. Due to fuel potentially sitting in the pipework, unused, for long periods of time, it was vital that the pipework was both corrosion resistant and would remain ready for use, for whenever the back-up generator was required.

Speaking about the project Joaquin Ortiz, Managing Director at Tavicce,said: "It was a result of our comprehensive experience with PLX, combined with the system's quality, durability and comprehensive product range (including all joints, fittings and transition fittings) that led to the specification of PLX on this particular project"...

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