Graphenstone, colour with a conscience

January 2021

The colour "Red," writes historian Michel Pastoureau in Red: The History of a Colour, "is the archetypal colour, the first colour humans mastered, fabricated, reproduced, and broke down into different shades."

At the end of the visible spectrum of light, it's the first colour after black and white that babies see after birth. Contradictory in nature, symbolising power and vigour yet also compassion and beauty, humans have always reacted strongly to Red. After all, it's the colour of our blood and our hearts!

Most people choose their paint focused on one thing only: colour. However, this approach belies other issues of real importance today; how toxic is the paint for your health, does it contribute towards the pollution of the atmosphere and your indoor air quality? How sustainable is the process of sourcing, manufacturing and the end of life, of the product that you have chosen?

Graphenstone is one of the most sustainably certified paints brands in the world. Awarded 'Cradle to Cradle Institute' Gold, our natural products (enhanced with graphene technology) contain no plastic or VOC's. We are proud of our highly ecological production processes, using recyclable materials and renewable energy. Do please take a look at Graphenstone's 'Harm-free' globally recognised certifications.

So, choose paints with a clear conscience in 2021 and Paint Clean Air into your home and office!

Healthy regards,

Patrick Folkes
Graphenstone UK
01379 772 940,

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