Saniflo pump pre-empts floods

January 2021

Flood preparation in Staffordshire village

After the local river burst its banks and flooded homes in a rural Staffordshire village last year, the Parish Council put a flood plan in place in case of a repeat this winter.

Part of the plan included the purchase of a submersible pump that can be loaned to houses that need to get rid of excess rain water in cellars, garages and rainwater manholes.

The SANISUB® STEEL pump and emergency kit is a portable, ready-to-use solution that can be quickly deployed in the event of a flood in a domestic, agricultural or small industrial property.

Manufactured from durable stainless steel, the pump with its 9 m³/h flow rate and lifting height of 7.5m, quickly and efficiently pumps water and the kit comes complete with a basket that protects the pump from floating foreign bodies. It is supplied with a quick coupling for the 15m evacuation hose and a hose support that prevents possible hose pinching whilst the pump is working. It has a 10m power supply cable and can even pump water of temperatures up to 75° over a short period.

The Chairman of Marchington Parish Council, Staffordshire, who sanctioned the purchase, believes that anyone responsible for housing in areas that are prone to flooding should consider a similar plan;
“We are keen to help our residents protect their homes in the event of a future flood. The technical team at Saniflo was able to talk us through the options and the steel version suited our needs for now. Longer term we’d like to purchase additional units that we can loan to the owners of the particularly vulnerable houses in the village so that they can be pre-deployed when a flood warning comes in. The pump can be automatically activated thanks to an adjustable float so incoming excess rainwater could be pre-empted to help protect from flood damage.”

Ann Boardman, Head of Marketing and Product Management at Saniflo, is confident that new range of water salvage pumps from Saniflo would also provide a solution for Housing Association providers in waterlogged areas; “Any organisation managing properties in flood-risk areas may wish to adopt a similar, quickly actionable strategy of this small parish council. These cost-effective pumps could help to minimise flood damage to homes; saving hassle and cost for the homeowner”.

For more information on the full range of water salvage pumps please visit the website or request a brochure by calling 020 8842 0033.

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