Modern Methods of Construction

January 2021

Modern Methods of Construction

Education and Student Accommodation Feature

Bathrooms in student accommodation vary greatly depending on the age of the building. In many of the newer student blocks ‘en-suites’ can be tiny, plastic lined pods with a shower in the corner and a WC and sink in close proximity. The space amounts to not much more than a typical shower enclosure, yet students seem to manage admirably. Communal bathrooms in these properties tend to enjoy greater space with bigger showers, but the trade-off here is a lack of privacy.
Older buildings tend to feature larger bathrooms with stand-a-lone shower enclosures with tiles or wet panels. After prolonged use and lack of cleaning, these can often look grimy.

Medway Universities recently struck a balance by using a cubicle from the Kinedo range by Saniflo in their brand new 63-bedroom accommodation block. The property manager, JG Lettings, wanted a shower that was easy to install, durable and easy to replace. The Kineprime integrated shower cubicle added a modern, stylish finish to a small en-suite and offered a larger showering area distinct from the basin and WC. The unit consists of internal glass panels that sit over the pre-formed upstand of a shower tray to ensure all water runs inside the shower; providing a watertight finish and leak-free environment with no need for silicone. Clear glass external panels feature Crystal Plus coating to eliminate limescale build-up and ensure easy cleaning – ideal for the student community. The exposed valve and showerhead are provided as part of the package.

The Kineprime cubicle can be installed in just a few hours. The glass panels save the installation time of tiles and grout and are very appealing aesthetically.

Ben Gower at JG Student Lets is delighted with the result;
“The new style cubicles we are using look great, but more importantly they have to stand up to heavy usage from students. It’s early days, but we believe these units will stand the test of time and will stay looking pristine thanks to the coating on the glass and the ease of cleaning.”

Other products in the range that have been used in student accommodations include the Consort and the Eden cubicles. More information can be found at

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