Delta Membranes introduce Koster BD Wetroom Tanking System

December 2020

A walk-in-shower or wet room can add a beautiful open space to any
home, the level-access is popular for both its style and practicality.
The benefits for homeowners include:
• Easy Access
• Flexible Design
• Attractive Modern Designs and perfect for creating a contemporary look
• Great for Maximising Space
• Ease to Clean
• A wet room can increase the value of your home
The key to the success of any wet room or walk in shower is a complete and resistant waterproofing system. Delta Membranes are proud to be exclusive distributors of the CE certified Koster BD Wetroom Tanking System in the United Kingdom.
It is important to install a trusted product from specialist waterproofing manufacturer to ensure all continually exposed areas are kept dry and protected. If done properly, your floor is better protected than it would be in a standard bathroom!
The Koster BD System has been developed to prevent water leakage
from tiled areas, such as: Wet rooms, Shower Areas, Bathrooms and
Kitchens. The Koster BD System comes in a convenient tanking kit -
everything you need in one box!
The Koster BD System compromises of:
BD50 Primer
BD50 Compound
Koster Super Fleece
outlet sleeve

One tanking kit will cover approximately 10 M²
Benefits of the Koster BD Wetroom Tanking System: -
• Fully Waterproof
• Breathable (water vapour permeable)
• Flexible
• CE Marked
• Easy to tile with all waterproof tile adhesives
• Simple to apply
• Silicone compatible
• Compatible with underfloor heating
• User friendly (VOC Free)
• In full compliance with all relevant British Standards and Building Regulations.

The entire BD System is 100% waterproof! Simple and safe to work
with - tested by those in the waterproofing industry. When you
purchase a Koster product from Delta, you are also purchasing a
waterproofing expert.

Let our Technical Team become your Technical Team – We
thrive on helping our customers find more efficient and simplified
solutions. Contact us today on or
Delta HQ on 01992 523 523.