Cavity Trays - Introducing Ventilation into the Roof

December 2020

Introducing Ventilation into the Roof

Upgrading your loft insulation and having to introduce ventilation?
The Circular Soffit Ventilator (Type CSV) from Cavity Trays is different.
The Type CSV may be introduced into new soffits or existing soffits.
The unique injection moulded ventilator has a deflecting louvred face, promoting positive air entry and insect screening.
Unlike a standard ventilator, the CSV may be installed with louvres facing outwards or inwards.
Inward facing can give the impression of a continuous unpenetrated soffit when a CSV to match the colour of the soffit is fitted.
Outward facing gives a punctuated effect.
Introduce into soffit at appropriate centres to achieve ventilation equivalent of a 10mm gap - the Type CSV airflow rating per vent is higher than alternatives so fewer are required.

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