Dulux Trade unveils the ultimate in scuff resistance with new Scuffshield

November 2020

Dulux Trade unveils the ultimate in scuff resistance with new Scuffshield

Dulux Trade has developed its most technologically-advanced anti-scuff formulation yet with new Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt.

The flagship product has been precision-engineered to provide the ultimate in scuff resistance - offering performance up to six times better than standard matt wall paint and up to three times better than a standard durable matt - meaning maintenance cycles can be extended.

Incorporating new Scuff Resistance Technology, it is designed to reduce the impact of plastic and rubber materials on the paint surface to protect walls against scuff marks from everyday items like shoes and bags - making it an ideal product for high-footfall public environments such as schools or the leisure and hospitality industry.

Its durability and superior scuff resistant formulation can also help drive down costs in the long-term as it doubles the length of the maintenance cycle in comparison to standard emulsion.

Once it's applied, facilities and maintenance teams can easily clean walls with an appropriate cleaning product to make short work of any marks or stains that do appear.

Karen Wilkinson, Dulux Trade Marketing Lead comments: "Our expert research and innovation teams are continually working to develop industry leading products that deliver the ultimate in performance for contractors and specifiers.

"We're delighted to unveil Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt. It's a tough, water-based emulsion that offers a step-change improvement in scuff-resistance while providing a high-quality, easily-wipeable matt finish.

The development of the product was led by Gary Jefferson, EMEA Interior Wall Paints R&D Manager, who explains: "Creating a really smooth surface at a microscopic level is the key to lessening scuffing on walls.

"This helps to reduce the impact from items known to cause scuff marks and lessen deposits of material behind left on the paint film

"By building on wider AkzoNobel technical innovations we have been able to formulate an advanced product that takes scuff-resistance and durability to a new level."

Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt extends the comprehensive range of durable options Dulux Trade offers. It complements the existing Diamond range of interior wall and trim products that are formulated with unique strain repellent technology to protect against stains, as well as scrubs and scuffs resistance - providing increased options that fit to the unique requirements of every specification.

It's available in the full Dulux Trade tinted colour range - and can be colour matched to meet any specification required.

Karen adds: "By providing the ultimate in scuff resistance, Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt also offers financial and environmental benefits that can really make an impact on a commercial project.

"The maintenance of a building is much easier and less costly if you're having to utilise less product and less labour to manage it on an ongoing basis.

"The exceptional performance of Dulux Trade Scuffshield will withstand the wear and tear caused by building users, leaving paintwork looking pristine for longer."

For more information, visit: https://www.duluxtradepaintexpert.co.uk/content/scuffshield.