Timloc - Seal the Deal with the New Rad-Seal Face-Fix

October 2020

Rad-Seal Face-Fix is the new face-fixed radiator pipe guide and seal designed to eliminate potential air leakage and heat loss at vulnerable through-wall radiator pipe work entry points.

Benefits of this latest product launch include:

Contributes to Part L’s required air leakage performance
Protects the pipework and plaster from direct chafing
Straight-forward and quick face fix installation
Projects by just 25mm from the wall
Securely positions the pipework into the required direction for connection
Eliminates pipework kinking

The Rad-Seal Face-Fix is boxed in 20s and available on next day delivery. Further information, including datasheets and fitting instructions, please visit Timloc website https://www.timloc.co.uk/