Schöck thermal breaks for Wembley’s largest single development

September 2020

Canada Gardens is the largest single development site that Quintain, the developer behind the regeneration of Wembley Park, is undertaking in the area. Set around a landscaped courtyard and podium-level communal gardens, Canada Gardens comprises seven stepped height buildings, ranging from 12 to 26 storeys, which provide 743 residential apartments. The tallest unit being a landmark building to the northern end of Wembley Park. It conceals an energy centre, which feeds other developments within the vicinity and at rooftop level features a residents lounge and a rooftop garden with exceptional views across London. A number of the buildings at Canada Gardens have in fact been angled at 45 degrees to optimise general views throughout the whole of the site.
The concrete frame buildings have façades predominantly of brick and glass – and a notable feature throughout the development is the number of generous steel balconies. The structural and long–term thermal insulation performance of these balconies is critical and as with many of the other major projects at Wembley Park, Schöck Isokorb load-bearing thermal insulation elements are the preferred solution.

Hundreds of cantilevered steel balconies

Local heat loss is the immediate effect of poor insulation at cantilever connection points and this results in more energy being required to maintain the internal temperature of the building. In addition, low internal surface temperatures in the area of the thermal bridge can cause condensation, leading not only to structural integrity problems with absorbent materials such as insulation products or plasterboard, but also mould growth. This has serious health implications for residents in the form of asthma and allergies. So for any project involving balcony detailing, the prevention of thermal bridging is a critical issue. There are hundreds of balconies installed at Canada Gardens and the Schöck Isokorb type used throughout is a load-bearing thermal insulation element with 80mm insulation thickness, for connecting cantilevered steel balconies to a reinforced concrete slab. The units are ideal in resolving any technical, thermal and structural issues involved in the design of modern steel balconies and guarantee there is no risk of condensation, mould or corrosion. Other applications for the product include steel canopy roofs, façade substructures and brise soleil systems.

Enormous freedom of design

As the leading international supplier of structural thermal breaks, Schöck is able to offer planners complete construction dependability and total freedom of design, with the almost limitless variants available in its main Isokorb range. The comprehensive Schöck Isokorb range offers solutions for concrete-to-concrete, concrete-to-steel, steel-to-steel, a thermally insulating connection for reinforced concrete walls – and even a maintenance free alternative to wrapped parapets. The temperature factor used to indicate condensation risk (fRSI) which must be greater than, or equal to, 0.75 for residential buildings, is easily met by incorporating the Isokorb. All products meet full compliance with the relevant UK building regulations and the NHBC. They also offer LABC Registration and have independent BBA Certification.

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