ION Glass - Walking on sunshine! Enjoy an Ion Glass rooflight

September 2020

A bespoke Ion Glass rooflight, designed, manufactured and installed to meet your individual specification will maximise natural sunlight into your building with full walk on integrity if required.

Glass linkway between two offices
Glass rooflights set in a series of bespoke manufactured frames can be used to create a linkway between two spaces, flooding the area with natural light.

Innovative glass rooflights can be used to light unusual spaces, like this rooflight installed over a walk-in shower, bringing sunshine into a custom designed bathroom. Or transform a basement or underground space into a light and airy environment.
Our expert teams provide technical and design advice to ensure your rooflight meets all criteria:
Single or double glazed rooflights to minimise heat loss
Structural walk on rooflights with non-slip surfaces
Clear, tinted or sandblasted glass for a diffuse light or visual obscurity
Precision measured glass and bespoke framework
Thermal control options available
We work with your from concept to installation, including meeting all relevant building regulations, bespoke manufacture of glass and framework and all installation logistics including cranes or lifts as necessary.

For more information on our structural glass rooflights, internal or external glass doors, glass screens, glass linkways, glass balustrades or other architectural glass installations in luxury residential, commercial, leisure or heritage environments, call us on 0345 658 9988 send us an email via or click on the enquiry form on our website.

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