Legato Blocks used to build a perimeter push wall

September 2020

Legato blocks are used to build a perimeter push
wall at an east London metal recycling facility...

In early 2020 a new metal recycling facility, based in east London, asked RSG Structures Ltd to design and build a 120m long, 3.2m high, perimeter push wall. To use traditional construction methods to build a wall of this size would be expensive and take weeks of work.
The wall would also need to cure for some time after completion before it could be used.

The solution was to create an in-situ foundation/plinth and install Elite Precast’s Legato interlocking concrete blocks on to it. This was a tried and tested method of construction that was both fast and cost effective.

After Elite delivered the 441 blocks required for the project it took two men just 4 days to build the entire structure. Not only was it quick to construct but it was ready to use as soon as the last block was put in to position.

By using the special Legato ‘Bendi’ block also meant that almost any layout or design could be followed. And by adding a ‘soldier course’ at the bottom, with buttresses, increased the strength of the wall.

Because the Legato interlocking block system is so flexible it means, that if a design alteration to the layout or height adjustment is required in the future, it can be easily and quickly implemented.

"When it comes to constructing a wall of this size, to take the design loads specified and with a fast build time, there is nothing
that comes close to Elite’s Legato block."- Gareth Neale, Managing Director RSG Structures Ltd

For further information, please contact:
sales@eliteprecast.co.uk or call 01952 588885