10 Advantages of Stainless Steel Webnet Wire Mesh

August 2020

1. It’s malleable and flexible
Webnet wire mesh has a fabric-like structure which makes it very useful for ‘wrapping’ around unusually shaped structures and shapes. Examples of this include being used to provide safety in car parks, at sports grounds and in children’s playgrounds.
2. A durable, low maintenance material
Webnet wire mesh is extremely durable and strong, made from marine grade 316 stainless steel, Webnet is suitable for projects that require longevity. Also, Webnet requires little to no maintenance after installation.
3. Provides fall protection
Webnet can be used to create fall protection for a variety of applications, including on bridges, car parks, balconies and elevated walkways.
4. Useful in green façades
Façade greening can be created using Webnet, creating a robust structure for plants to grow up – providing aesthetic and ecological benefits.
5. Handles heavy loads
The ability to handle large loads is an advantage of Webnet, as it makes it suitable for fall protection and is able to cope with the weight of plants on large scale green walls.
6. Provides wall replacements
Defining separate spaces can be achieved with Webnet as it is able to act as a wall, proving to be particularly useful in small spaces to separate areas whilst still allowing for a flow of light.
7. Can create animal enclosures
Animal enclosures can be fabricated using Webnet wire mesh systems, creating enclosures that allow animals to roam freely. Webnet comes in various apertures and sizes to suit the application.
8. Light, attractive design
The light, filigree design of Webnet provides safety without having a negative impact on the design of a structure and without blocking the flow of light.
9. Use for artistic or business purposes
Artistic facades can be created using Webnet, by attaching steel plates in a configuration that creates a pattern, logo or company name. Available in a wide range of colours, they can also be coated with reflective film so that it can even be seen at night. Read more about Jakob Webnet ID plates here.
10. Can be coloured as desired
Depending on a project’s requirements, Webnet can be painted in a number of colours in a range of finishes.

For more information about Webnet, or to discuss an upcoming project involving Webnet, please feel free to contact us.