CO2 absorbing paints, in pure lime; Ecosphere & Biosphere

August 2020

CO2 absorbing paints, in pure lime; Ecosphere & Biosphere

Containing lime of the highest purity with 98% whiteness and with added graphene technology, Ecosphere (interior) and Biosphere (exterior) are the King & Queen of Healthy Paints!

Historically, lime wash and other lime based paints have been brittle, dusty and offer a short life cycle. Enhanced with carbon graphene, Graphenstone's lime paints are truly a 21st Century technical development. With Class 1 washability, these unique VOC free products actively PURIFY the air in your space.

Our paints are tougher and much less likely to crack or flake, saving you time and money. Prevents the proliferation of mould and fungus (damaging to health) due to the naturally high Ph of lime. No plastic, micro-beads or petro-chemicals, no nasties (like all our highly sustainable products), just natural lime.

You can pick up a sample pot to test out these products for just £3.75 ex Vat; For Ecosphere

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