Innovative door keeps medical device manufacturer moving

July 2020

Crawley-based Elekta used its renowned ability to innovate by finding new solutions when it came to replacing a 20-plus year-old roller shutter door that was beyond repair, serving the company since installation in the 1990s. Rather than replace with the same type door, Elekta worked with sara LBS who offered an innovative solution to replace the conventional door with a low-cost Sprint Run.
Elekta is a world leading innovator of equipment and software used to improve, prolong and save the lives of people with cancer and brain disorders. More than 6,000 hospitals worldwide use Elekta technology to efficiently deliver radiation therapy, radiosurgery and brachytherapy treatments and drive cost efficiency in clinical workflows. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Crawley is one of the company’s global manufacturing and logistics centres.
When Nick Cox of sara LBS first visited Elekta’s Crawley centre, he gave the Elekta team options for repairing the existing door or replacing it with a new one. Elekta needed a quick solution for the failing door and felt as if the estimate to fix the door would be the option that would fit within the fixed budget. However, Nick had a creative, modern solution.

“This seemed like an ideal installation for one of our new Sprint Run doors,” he recalled. Designed for areas with high traffic rates, the Sprint Run is suitable for intense and continuous use, even in areas with extremely limited room. The door is perfect for situations where regular access is required but insulation and security are still important.

“The Sprint Run is a curtain type door, and is incredibly robust,” says Nick. “It is built to provide at least 1.5 million operating cycles over its working life and designed for Wind Class 2, which is winds of 70mph or 100kph.”

“The Sprint Run was to be used as an external door of the Elekta building, which it is designed for, but we were able to mount it on the inside of the opening. An existing roller shutter on the outside is shut at the end of each working day, thus protecting the Sprint Run overnight and enhancing the overall security of the building.”

The Elekta door was supplied in the standard configuration with a row of vision panels. However, Sprint Runs can be customised as required, including completely transparent curtains and bespoke screen printing. The frame is extremely sturdy, self supporting and made from corrosion resistant galvanised steel making it easy to keep clean for hygiene critical areas.

With an opening speed of up to 1.2m/s, traffic and footfall can flow freely, while safety is ensured with both a light curtain built into the frame and a wireless resistive bottom safety edge.

Nick again: “High speed doors enable efficient logistics, and they also provide insulation by eliminating drafts of air and heat loss, reducing noise pollution and dust.

Due to the solidity of construction our Run doors, like all those in the Sprint high speed range, are suitable for intensive and continuous use applications.

“Elekta does a great deal to keep advancing the treatment of cancer and other tumours, based at least in part on an ability to see beyond obvious solutions and look for innovations. This attitude was apparent when it came to the new door, with Elekta quickly embracing an innovative new idea and realising its benefits.”