Graphenstone - Let’s turn it around!

May 2020

Graphenstone's sustainable paints are being widely used, from global brands like Facebook (applying our healthy paints in their new London HQ) to professional upcyclers like Tess Doyle (article and beautiful photo below), producing unique pieces of art by restoring lovely old pieces of furniture.

Perhaps the silver lining from this pandemic will prove to be a revitalised motivation to 'Turn It Around'. Reduce pollution and VOC's and improve air quality, a sea-change to a more sustainable world. From the biggest multi-nationals, to the individual sole trader.

According to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, every human on Earth is digesting the equivalent (on average) of a credit card's worth of plastic each week from different sources; that's 21 grammes a month. Plastic in the paints industry has been dominant for decades. Acrylics have ruled. Graphenstone are leading the way in changing the industry. With graphene technology, we offer ecological and mineral based paints that are not only VOC free but capable of actually purifying your air (by absorbing CO2 and other pollutants), with Class 1 strength; so it's durable and tough too.

From private houses in London, to large new developments in Liverpool, customers are choosing Graphenstone's ecological and sustainable products. Let's now 'Turn It Around', to the benefit of us all and our planet.

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