Graphenstone - Tessa Doyle, Furniture Upcycling at Lollipop Interiors

May 2020

Tessa Doyle, Furniture Upcycling at Lollipop Interiors

Tessa Doyle bought the first pieces of furniture locally in London in 2013, selling some of her first revitalised artworks to a restaurant in Brixton.

Now her horizons have expanded to the most beautiful pieces from France and Belgium. Coronation Street has examples on their TV production sets.

Tess recently trialed Graphenstone paints. Her company, Lollipop Interiors, is an Associate of the House of Upcycling and an ambassador of its industry partnership with British Institute of Interior Designers.

Here's her full independent report on the test results:

The packaging is cardboard and therefore widely recycled
The containers are recyclable, the tin can be washed and put into the recycle bin
The information on the tin is sufficient for use and includes drying and re-coat times
The paint colour wasn't exactly the same as the sample shown on the website, I would therefore recommend ordering a colour chart and/or tester pots to get an exact match
The paint is very easy to use, application is smooth, a good consistency, not too thick and doesn't drag
The paint had no discernible odour
Total coverage was achieved after just one coat of the paint; I had applied 2 coats of the primer which also covered extremely well (not many primers I have used cover as well)
Drying time was quicker than stated on the tin, it was touch dry within 15-20 minutes. I followed the instructions before re-coating but I could have re-coated sooner.
The finish is great, flat and matt even on the piece of bumpy wood it was tested on. I didn't use expensive brushes as I wasn't sure how the paint would wash off but even with cheaper synthetic brushes, the finish was very good
A novice painter would find this paint easy to use; you can achieve a good finish with minimal effort - brushes don't require overloading, a little of the paint goes a long way.
Prices are in line with most furniture paints currently on the market
I would be very interested in using this paint on more projects

Thank you Tess, we look forward to many years of collaboration.

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