Rockpanel for home owners

May 2020

Are you going to build a house? Does your existing home need renovation? Or do you need façade boards for applications along the roofline? With Rockpanel, you have plenty of options! There’s a choice of over 200 colours and designs.
Rockpanel: low-maintenance, easy to process & fire resilient facade boards

Using Rockpanel for your facade has many advantages. Not only are there over 200 colours and designs available (from facade boards with an authentic stone look or wood look to virtually all RAL colours), but the panels are also very easy to process. You don’t need any special equipment to cut them to size, but you can just use the tools you would also use to process wood.
Sustainable board material that’s ready for the future

Choosing Rockpanel means choosing quality. Our façade panels are made of stone wool from the volcanic stone basalt. Our boards are therefore fire resilient by nature, and also solid and sustainable. Rockpanel façade boards are both UV and moisture resistant and you don’t have to worry about shrinking or expanding. We have made our facades so easy to maintain that one wash a year with water is enough.
What can you use Rockpanel facade material for?

Rockpanel can be used for a range of applications: from facade cladding to gutter finishing and from soffits and fascias to dormers.