ION Glass - Does anyone have a handle on the situation?

May 2020

We might not have a handle on COVID-19 but we CAN inspire you with some of the beautiful custom made handles and finishes we've fitted to our glass doors....

The beautiful bespoke handles on these glass doors at St Peter's Church, Dunchurch perfectly reflect the shape of the arch above. They were designed and commissioned by Ion Glass as part of a project to create a bell ringing chamber with an acoustic glass screen, glass balustrade and a glass safety panel to protect the magnificent stained glass windows.

Custom made handles at St Mary's Church, Balcombe were laser cut in brushed stainless steel. Commissioned and installed by Ion Glass they have a significant horizontal element, thus avoiding the need to apply additional safety manifestations to the doors themselves.

The unusual push plates fitted to doors of St Anne's Church in Soho were made from cold cast aluminium, featuring hand imprints from members of the local community. The striking new entrance to the church merited the Presidents Award for Church Architecture.

Whether you'd like to commission a uniquely designed handle especially for your project or simply choose something sleek and appropriate for your bespoke glass door we're happy to discuss the best option to meet your individual requirements.

The current COVID-19 lockdown gives us time to talk, design and plan. We hope everyone amongst our network of architects, designers, builders, heritage and church managers will join us to ensure that when we come through this we are ALL in a position to get back on track quickly, with projects agreed and ready to press 'go'. Let's work together towards a future that involves 'business as usual' as soon as the lockdown is over.


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