National Domelight - Mardome Smoke Vent

April 2020

A Mardome smoke vent is a polycarbonate dome that will act as a natural heat and smoke exhaust in the event of a fire. It is highly useful for improving fire safety standards, as well as for providing natural ventilation to a property with a hinged opening. The domes are strong and reliable, designed for simple installation on a flat roof.

How does a Mardome smoke vent work?

A Mardome smoke vent is designed to open if there is a fire, removing smoke from inside the building. This helps to control smoke buildup, making it easier for people to escape from the property and for emergency services to enter the building if necessary. A smoke vent will often be installed in areas where there isn’t any existing ventilation, helping to combat the convection cycle where heat rises and smoke is drawn down into the room.

Why choose a Mardome smoke vent for your property?

Mardome smoke vents come from one of the most well-known rooflight system manufacturers – Mardome have an excellent reputation based on more than 50 years in the industry.

These are some of the main reasons to choose a Mardome smoke vent:

• Compliant with safety standards. Mardome smoke vents are tested and certified to meet EN 12101-2, which is the standard regulating the production and sale of life-saving products. They meet standards for fire safety, security, general safety and non-fragility.

• Flexible usage. You can use a Mardome smoke vent as a fire safety product as well as for natural ventilation.

• 10-year guarantee. Your Mardome smoke vent will be fully covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee.

• Strong and robust. The dome is made from UV protected polycarbonate – it’s built to last and withstand harsh conditions and high temperatures.

• Reliability. Choosing a leading product from a well-established brand will give you better reliability.

• Accessories to further enhance fire safety. Mardome smoke vents can be fitted with control panels, fire switches, smoke detectors and fireman’s priority switches.

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