HALFEN HIT-MVXL Insulated connections for demanding architecture

March 2020

HALFEN HIT-MVXL Insulated connections for demanding architecture
The new versatile HIT-MVXL elements allow you to enjoy the sun on the balcony for longer – even when it disappears around a corner. With their huge shear load capacities, it is now also possible to realize unusual shapes. Now the whole family can even sit on the balcony together; each on their own sun lounger. Also suitable for inspired architecture!

Thanks to the intelligent reinforcement layout, installation of the HIT-MVXL elements is both safe and quick.

The main slab reinforcement can be laid quickly and safely, as there are no interfering pressure bars at the bottom of the HIT-MVXL elements. Our smart, red CSBearings assume this function.
Also on the balcony side on-site reinforcement is quickly added. The HIT bars are arranged here in one layer.
And finally, the new HALFEN HIT-MVXL is perfectly suited for reliable transfer of bending moments and shear forces with good thermal insulation.


Highly loaded or large cantilevered balcony slabs
Large overhanging balconies at outer corners


Fire protection REI 120 as standard – for fail-safe installation
Can be used as a fire-break in ETICS facades (Expanded polystyrene)
European Technical Assessment ETA 18/0189
Type tested according to EC2
Reduction of thermal bridges according to DIN 4108-2 and EnEV and minimization of energy losses
Prevention of condensation and mould

Technical details:

Insulation material thicknesses of 80mm (HIT-HP) and 120mm (HIT-SP) available
Insulation material: Thermal-insulating fire protection material of building material class A1 – non-flammable insulating material
Stainless steel in the joint

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