Jakob Worldwide

March 2020

Although at MMA our focus is primarily on projects within the UK, we also like to stay close to our Jakob partners throughout the world – and keep an eye on the projects they are involved in. As a group we are involved in projects of hugely varying shape, scope and complexity throughout the year and we know how helpful it is to look at how our products have been used elsewhere when architects and designers are looking at their own schemes.

A small selection of them are showcased here, not just to show the versatility of our systems, but also to show applications and solutions that might resonate in the UK.

We’ve added a brief summary of each project below, but if you’re interested in finding out more, please just follow the links for a more detailed case study.
New York, USA – The High Line Park

Formerly an elevated freight train line and now a public space, High Line park crosses Manhattan’s busy streets. Our Webnet system provides unobtrusive protection for visitors.

Paris, France – Simone de Beauvoir Bridge

Crossing the river Seine, this bridge incorporates Jakob Webnet in the railings along the length of the deck, providing both beauty and protection to pedestrians.

Krakow, Poland – Krakow Zoo

The elegant enclosures for Siberian tigers, snow leopards and panthers all feature Jakob Webnet, which provides a light and airy habitat, without compromising strength or security.

Sydney, Australia – One Central Park

15,000m of Jakob stainless steel wire ropes and rods have been used to create a stunning Green Wall façade for these two striking residential towers.