Change one thing to be more sustainable

February 2020

What would you change?

2020 has started off with many monumental changes; unprecedented storms for this time of year, a new virus, and the UK's exit from the EU. Many industries and people are also making changes in order to become more sustainable. Football has already begun to make the change, with Liverpool AFC taking time out from their potential championship-winning season, to go green by introducing an organic food digester machine, reducing their reliance on off-site transport and landfills. Financial institutions are also changing their investment thesis by creating investment vehicles that are ethical, no longer seeking returns from unethical investments.

We at Graphenstone believe that you too can make an impactful change by choosing our paints. You can be ecological, sustainable and natural by selecting paints without MIT (Methylisothiazolinone).

What is MIT you may ask? It is toxic to cells, and in 2017 the EU banned its inclusion from leave-on cosmetics. Did you know that most paints contain MIT? Our paints do not.

What will you change, to be more sustainable?

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