Large Basement Extension at Impressive Country Home

February 2020

An impressive basement extension, housing a swimming pool and sauna, required a robust waterproofing solution at this large country home.

Newton Specialist Contractor, Stonehouse Property Care, were brought onto this large residential project to waterproof an underground extension including a swimming pool and sauna. The impressive countryside home, set in a small village in Berkshire, was designed by architects Spratley and Partners.

For the new below-ground structure, Stonehouse were required to install a failsafe and maintainable waterproofing system that would completely protect the luxurious basement from unwanted water ingress.

In compliance with BS 8102:2009, Stonehouse recommended a combined waterproofing solution using a Type B reinforced and water-resistant concrete structure designed to BS EN 1992, combined with a full Type C internal cavity drain membrane system.
As the most reliable and completely maintainable Type C waterproofing solution, the Newton CDM System was the ideal choice for this structure. Firstly, Newton 508 membrane was securely fixed to the internal walls of the basement using Newton’s specialist MultiPlug fixings.

Any water that is captured by the membrane is then drained away with Newton Basedrain channels, and pumped out of the property using a Newton Titan-Pro sump chamber fitted with two NP400 pumps and supported by a failsafe battery back-up system.

Stonehouse Property Care are an extremely experienced waterproofing contractor and were able to confidently recommend, design and install a comprehensive and truly failsafe waterproofing system that will protect the property from unwanted water ingress for many years to come. The installation is also covered by Stonehouse’s 10-year guarantee, for complete peace of mind.