National Domelight - Installing Rooflights in Winter

February 2020

Rooflights can be a practical addition to a home all year round, thanks to their ability to incorporate natural light into any space, as well as their excellent energy efficiency. Some people are concerned about installing rooflights in winter, but as long as you choose quality products, there really is no need to worry. In fact, rooflights can help keep your home more energy efficient through the cold winter months.
Installing Rooflights In Winter: What you need to think about

If you want your rooflights to be versatile all year round and to improve your home come rain or shine, you need to consider a few points before buying. These are some of the primary considerations for installing rooflights in your home during the winter months:

1. Ensure the rooflights have a low u-value. The lower a u-value is, the slower heat will be transmitted through the surface. This means that rooflights with a low u-value will be better at maintaining a consistent temperature in your home.

2. Select double glazing (or better) to reduce the chance of condensation forming. This will help to keep the rooflight well insulated so that it doesn’t create a sudden cold surface that would cause warm air to condense. Once your rooflight is installed, keep blinds open to help warm air circulate around the room. Make sure you maintain it well – small cracks or holes can break the seal, letting in cold air.

3. Think about ventilation. Homes need ventilation in any weather. It might not be the first thing you think of in winter, but actually, ventilation is more important than ever before. Damp can be an issue in homes when the weather outside is cold and rainy – ventilation will help to keep air circulating and to reduce the possibility of damp forming inside. Open vents on windows, aerate your home fully every once in a while, or even consider a hinged rooflight for areas that need a little more ventilation such as kitchens and bathrooms.

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