Durapipe - ANMod - The Cost Effective Way to Network

December 2019

Profibus Actuator Network Module (ANMod)

ANMod incorporates a Profibus protocol module and, unlike other options available on the market, is a complete solution with the valve, actuator and communicator all supplied as one pre-programmed, pre-wired solution. This eliminates the need for any additional power supply, and minimises set-up and installation time.

Our unique design sees the Profibus module located in a separate housing outside the actuator, ensuring it is easy to access the valve and actuator, if required, without risk of damage to the Profibus module.

Compatible with a variety of PLCs that operate Profibus protocol, our new solution supports Profibus DP V0 and V1. Durapipe VKD and L and T port TKD valves can be fitted with ANMod, in any configuration of size, material, flange and fail safe option, combined with a 110 - 230V AC or 24V AC/DC electric actuator.

For further information on our new ANMod please click here or contact our flow control solutions team on 01543 471680 (Option 5) or email valves@durapipe.co.uk.

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