December 2019

With its unspoilt Blue Flag beaches, Hayling Island, off Englands’ south coast, is the perfect location for a relaxing holiday on the seaside. Designer Ian Murray, owner of architectural practice I J Murray Associated Ltd, wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. When he and his wife Carole had the opportunity to buy a plot of land a stone’s throw from the beach, they immediately decided it would be the perfect place for their dream home. And if you are in the business, why not design and build it yourself?

“If it was very different to be my own customer? In fact, my wife was the customer, and she was really tough,” Murray laughs. “But as a customer it’s good to be tough. I was very strict too. So in the end it wasn’t very different to any other project.”

With its abundance of large windows and charming contrast between the colours and materials of the ground and upper floors, this three-storey house is an interesting mix of rustic and modern elements, blending perfectly into its surroundings. In order to maximize the view, the windows are sheltered from the sun by the overhanging roof and the ground floor has an overhanging balcony with glass balustrading. Murray: “I felt the urge to do something different than anything else. The design is inspired by its nautical position. The downstairs of the house is like the hull of a ship and the upper floors is like the deck, the cabin on top of the boat.”

When it came to siding material, the number one requirement was a long-lasting, fresh appearance without needing lots of maintenance. At ground floor the block work is rendered in white K render, while the upper floors are clad with Trespa Pura NFC® Romantic Walnut (PU08) and White Pine (PU20). “The combination between the white and the two Trespa Pura NFC® tones works very good,” says the designer. “Together with the garage doors and front doors I think it creates a really attractive colour palette. I wanted to create a natural look, something that looked like new timber and would stay looking like new timber forever,” he explains. “I did not want it to look aged or weary.”

“Thanks to their advanced technology, Trespa Pura NFC® siding solutions are built to withstand harsh climatic and environmental conditions and to stay beautiful for many years. Sun, rain or salty sea air have no significant effect on the surface. Murray: “In addition to Trespa Pura NFC®, I looked at other products, whilst cost-wise they were very competitive, they just didn’t give me the look I wanted. This product did. The upper part of the construction now has a very modern looking finish; I really like the clean lines of it and the fact that it retains that look. It’s gone through one winter and it’s looking completely fresh and new, so I’m happy with it to date.” This house was the first time Murray used Trespa Pura NFC® products, since then, he has specified it for a new project that he has coming up at the moment: the Yacht Haven development of six luxury beach homes on Hayling Island for Alpine Homes Ltd.

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