National Domelight - An Overview of Polycarbonate Roof Domes

November 2019

Polycarbonate rooflights use a polycarbonate skin in place of glass, creating durable daylight solutions that are excellent value for money. They can go a long way to improving a space, making it lighter and increasing the sense of spaciousness inside. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to improve a property with more natural light.

Where are polycarbonate roof domes most often used?

The strong, hardwearing nature of polycarbonate roof domes makes them ideal for use in commercial and public spaces. These are some of the buildings that we most often supply polycarbonate domes for:

• Public spaces such as shopping centres and entertainment complexes

• Schools, colleges and educational buildings

• Offices, factories, warehouses and other workplaces

• Hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and other healthcare settings
What’s available?

Polycarbonate domes are available in a variety of sizes to suit different applications. See all the sizes available here. You can also see your kerb and upstand options, as well as finding out more about ventilation and access options. If you can’t see exactly what you require, there is also the option to specify a bespoke polycarbonate dome.

We offer polycarbonate roof domes from two main brands: Thermadome and Stardome. Both feature a wide variety of high-quality domes with various specifications. We also offer polycarbonate domes from a range of other suppliers, with our same fast, free delivery options.
Why choose polycarbonate roof domes?

• Price. Polycarbonate domes are cheaper than glass and they offer excellent value for money.

• Skin options. Choose double or triple skinned domes for additional insulation.

• Easy to fit. All rooflight come with full fixings and instructions. If you need help with installation, talk to us.

• Strong and durable. You can expect your polycarbonate roof dome to last well into the future, without requiring much maintenance at all.

If you have questions about polycarbonate roof domes, our service or the options available to you, please just ask. Our team is highly experienced and we can offer you all the advice you need before you place your order. Call us on 01276 451 555 or email