National Domelignt - Rooflights for Bathrooms

November 2019

Bathrooms can often feel a bit gloomy, especially when the blinds are regularly kept drawn or there is frosted glass in the windows. A rooflight can provide the perfect solution, making a bathroom brighter whilst also protecting its privacy. And if privacy is still an issue, you can fit rooflights with blinds that can be drawn as and when required.

Why are rooflights used in bathrooms?

These are some of the key reasons why you might choose to have a rooflight installed in your bathroom:

1. More natural light. Rooflights allow more natural light into a room than a vertical window of the same size, so they can completely change the aesthetic of your bathroom. If you have a smaller bathroom, or want to brighten up a space like a downstairs W/C, a rooflight can really help.

2. Ventilation. Hinged roof lights can increase ventilation in your bathroom, making it a more pleasant temperature and venting out steam. This also helps reduce damp and keep your bathroom in good condition, well aerated and free from mould.

3. Privacy. In bathrooms, vertical windows might not allow enough privacy and they might need to be fitted with frosted glass, which can reduce the amount of light. A rooflight is a good alternative.

4. Options for awkward spaces. The roof pitch is very steep or the bathroom is an awkward shape, suntubes can provide a good alternative to a flat glass rooflight.
Rooflights to consider for your bathroom

These are the main types of rooflight you might want to consider installing in your bathroom:

• Hinged . You can choose from manual or electric hinged rooflight options, allowing you to ventilate your bathroom space.

• Flat glass . Let the maximum amount of light into your bathroom with a modern flat glass rooflight.

• Bespoke . You can choose the size and specification, so this is the perfect option for awkwardly shaped rooms.

• Suntubes. Where space is limited and there might not be room or a suitable surface for a rooflight, a suntube still allows more natural light to come in.

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