Graphenstone Ecological Sustainable Durable

November 2019

The invention of Graphene nano-technology and its inclusion in Graphenstone's unique paints, means that you now enjoy all the environmental and health benefits of the range, whilst enhancing performance and durability.

There is a fast growing interest in environmentally friendly paints with very low levels of VOC's. Paints that actually purify the air, absorbing CO2, NOx and other nasties, allowing you to breathe beautiful clean air in your home or workspace!

Graphenstone offers a beautiful, mineral rich and highly durable alternative to the plastic based acrylics, so often loaded with VOC's and petro-chemicals, which damage both people and planet.

Graphenstone paints are VOC free, natural, ecological and breathable.

EU Ecolabel is a stringent standard that covers every aspect of a product's manufacturing process, usage and disposal. Do check to ensure that you are creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly specification. Graphenstone offer the most certified sustainable brand, with EPD's, Cradle to Cradle Institute Gold and Silver certification and Ecolabel, amongst many others.

Graphenstone are delighted to present our new colour card.

96 vibrant, rich colours (VOC free), from one of the world's most sustainable paint companies. Our Signature Premium Lime ranges absorb CO2 in significant volume, purifying the air in your home and office.

Contains Nobel prize winning 'graphene' nano-technology for enhanced durability.

Email to receive our new colour card in the post.

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