Frank Newbold, runner up on 'Interior Design Masters' on BBC2 - Graphenstone

November 2019

Frank Newbold, runner up on 'Interior Design Masters' programme on BBC2 and Netflix 2019, has just discovered Graphenstone.

And he loves it!

Here it's what he wrote: ''I had the pleasure of using Graphenstone's Olive' paint colour on the screen of my Grand Designs set - and I was really taken by the quality, pigment and coverage of the product.''

Frank says: ''Graphenstone produce the ultimate ecological range of products, composed of natural elements that purify the air we breathe inside our homes. They are producing the very first range of paints and coatings with Graphene technology. The paints are also completely non toxic and have zero smell, meaning no poisonous fumes so rooms can be occupied immediately.''

''It's a brand to watch and I'll definitely spec their range of fabulous new colours for my upcoming projects!''

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