Danfoss - SONDEX® Spiral Heat Exchangers

October 2019

SONDEX® spiral heat exchangers are the ultimate solution for even the most challenging, high-viscosity media. Designed and custom made to handle sludges, slurries, wastewater, wood pulps, hydrocarbons with high viscosity, and fouling liquids that contain fibres and solids. The spiral heat exchangers use coiled metal sheets instead of tube bundles and can achieve very high thermal performance without sacrificing the plate gap that lets the media flow unimpeded.

What does that mean for you?

The core of our spiral heat exchangers is the concentric spiral plate coils nested in the shell. The coils form two completely separated channels with a counter current flow arrangement that allows the heat exchanger to achieve very close temperature approaches, making our spiral units excellent for heat recovery applications.

To maintain the plate gap, we weld spacer studs onto the coils. Besides supporting the plate gap, the studs also greatly contribute to the turbulent flow. Our Free Flow option for spiral heat exchangers is stud-less, sacrificing some turbulence in exchange for a much larger plate gap for the most challenging media. These options enable us to efficient handle any duty and we offer you a choice of regular or Free Flow channels on both sides, or a combination of the two.

No application or duty is the same for a spiral heat exchanger, which is why we customise every single one of our units from the ground up according to your specifications. We provide you with an individually optimised solution designed for maximal uptime and reliable operation.

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