Installing structural glass in schools and colleges is both functional and beautiful

September 2019

Many schools and colleges have been in existence for a long time, housed in beautiful heritage buildings that need preserving to maintain their character. At the same time it’s vital the building meets the requirements of the school and pupils. Introducing structural glass ticks both boxes, adding contemporary functionality without detracting from the original structure of the building.

Ion Glass have worked with many schools, with stunning glass installations improving different areas and meeting a variety of needs within the buildings:

Former pupil and sculptor, Nicholas Dimbleby created a memorial to mark Cranleigh School’s 150th year and the centenary of the Battle of the Somme. The statue is surrounded by a bespoke frameless glass balustrade, channel set for minimal visual interference and featuring the names of former pupils who lost their lives in battle.

The reception area at Lancing College featured a number of stone arches with timber doors, making it draughty and difficult to heat. Installing a series of bespoke double arched glass doors has improved visibility and created a warm and welcoming space at the heart of the school. The school crest was applied to each door as a glass manifestation.

Hounslow Heath nursery school improved visibility and retained easy movement around the school whilst fully meeting current regulations for fire risk. Fire-rated glass screens and doors were installed in the corridors, linked to the alarm system for fully automatic closure in the event of a fire.

As the school increased in size, space at Hurstpierpoint College had become limited, especially in the chapel. Adding a gallery floor to the chapel facilitated whole school services with a glass balustrade ensuring full visibility of the nave for all pupils. Glass screens opening onto the new gallery from the dining hall has fully opened up the space.

Ion Glass will advise on the best solution for your structural glass to meet all current regulations, heritage restrictions and functional requirements, whether your project is in a school, college or any other heritage or contemporary building.

We provide a full design and installation service, working with builders, architects, owners and managers to achieve the best possible result. Call to discuss your project with a member of our experienced technical team.

For more information on our solutions in secure glass doors, automatic glass doors, internal or external balustrades, structural glass porches, glass screens, glass linkways or other architectural glass installations call us on 0345 658 9988, send us an email via or click on the enquiry form on our website.

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