Brewers are to launch their own-brand silicones and sealants

September 2019

Brewers are to launch their own-brand silicones and sealants, and expand their best-selling caulks range this September!

Building on the enormous success of Brewers Premium Decorators’ Caulk – which since March 2016 has sold over 1.5 million tubes – this new range will comprise ten high-quality products, from a mould resistant formulation ideal for bathroom and kitchens, to highly a flexible sealant perfect for glazing and frames. You’ll find all the details about each new product in the new range below.

‘Brewers take the launch of own-brand products very seriously,’ said Joe Wagg (Buyer) leading the launch at Brewers, ‘We only put our name to products we believe offer our customers equal or better performance over brand leaders. The new Brewers range offers this, and also at a more affordable price.’

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