ION Glass - Consider how structural glass can impove your builidng

September 2019

Consider how structural glass can improve or extend your space with minimal impact on the original structure of your building…..

Including glass in your designs provides innovative ways to increase or improve your space whilst at the same time maximising light and style. Take a look at some inspiring Ion Glass projects that make full use of the unique qualities of bespoke structural glass.

Create a meeting room
Converting St Mary’s at the Quay in Ipswich into a wellness centre involved creating a number of private meeting rooms and spaces. Bespoke acoustic glass screens were fitted into the original arches of the church, maintaining privacy whilst still providing users with a view of the nave.

An enclosed loggia
The open loggia at Lainston House Hotel was a largely unused space. Enclosing individual arches with a single panel of glass created an attractive area that is in now in regular use, accessed by a bespoke glass door. Adding an artistic glass manifestation to the panels reflects the garden setting of the loggia.

Linking two buildings with glass
A London based solicitors increased their space by extending their offices into the building next door. The link between the two buildings was primarily built from structural glass, flooding the reception area with natural light from a series of continuous glass rooflights.

Looking upwards
Designing a mezzanine floor adds space without increasing the footprint of the building. An innovative barn conversion used bespoke glass balustrades to enclose the mezzanine, bringing light and style to the building and retaining the lofty, open feel of the original space.

All our structural glass is fully bespoke to meet the needs of each individual space: each Ion Glass project is designed to meet location specific criteria, including structural glass beams and fins or individually designed fittings and metalwork where required.

Our team will work with you to create accurate measurements, detailed drawings, ensure structural integrity and compliance before manufacturing and installing your glass to achieve the impressive results our clients expect.

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