Helifix adds to its vast portfolio of Masonry Repair Details

August 2019

Structural repair specialist, Helifix, has recently made an addition to its extensive range of over 100 Repair Details. Which give full technical and installation information on how to overcome a wide variety of structural faults.

The new Repair Detail, RD WT35, gives guidance on how to connect a new timber frame to an existing masonry wall, when the new timber stud is erected within an existing masonry building and there is no access to install wall ties from the outside.

The Helifix repair detail can accommodate large cavity width variations by using stainless steel RetroTies. These fixings produce a secure mechanical connection in the masonry wall and are bonded into the timber frame with CrackBond TE resin. Resulting in no external work or scaffolding required and the outer face of the wall is left unmarked.

Every repair detail features drawings and provides details of the required products and tooling, specification notes and a step by step guide on how to undertake each repair using concealed installation techniques.

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