AKW launches shower Curtain Clip

August 2019

AKW launches shower Curtain Clip

Bathroom falls are more likely to happen when floors are wet. With this in mind, AKW, one of the UK’s leading providers of accessibility solutions, has launched its new AKW Curtain Clip, to lock the edge of any shower curtain firmly in position. Simple, yet highly effective, this clip tightly grips the curtain, ensuring that no water escapes the shower area and that neighbouring floors remain drier.

AKW’s two-metre-long, white PVC, Curtain Clip has a simple hinge design that enables the quick and easy clipping and release of the shower curtain. The clip has been designed with high use shower areas in mind. As well as being discreet and easily cleanable, the AKW Curtain Clip is very simple to install making it the must have bathroom accessory of 2019. It comes with a self-adhesive fitting strip and fixing points, allowing the installation of the strip to be altered to suit the application.

Stuart Reynolds, Head of Product and Marketing at AKW comments: “The AKW Curtain Clip is one of those products that just makes life easier and safer. Quick and easy to install, the clip can be placed in a bath or shower area, wherever a shower curtain needs fixing, to promote water retention and minimise the risk of falls.”

For more information, please contact AKW on 01905 823298, email: sales@akw-ltd.co.uk or visit www.akw-ltd.co.uk.

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