It's time to #PaintDifferent. Turn it around.

August 2019

Our global #PaintDifferent campaign is a call to a generation committed to a better world. Transform your way of thinking, acting and living. For those lovers of life, those enjoying nature, taking care of themselves. For those who want to change things. Paint is poisoning your body, home and planet. For those who still don't think differently... we say to you:

It's time to #PaintDifferent. Turn it around.
Our new #PaintDifferent campaign is based on the New Ecological Paradigm (NEP), which is used extensively in environmental education where differences in behaviour or attitudes are believed to be explained by underlying values, a world view, or a paradigm.

We are Graphenstone. The company that has turned the world of paints on its head. We think completely differently, with sustainability at the core of our innovating process. Our paints are formulated with the aim of taking care of people and the environment. Not only are our products green, but our factory and production process are also unfailingly green.

Try us! Graphenstone; Paints for the Green Generation.

We offer a number of services free of charge:

On site survey and review
Product application trials
Detailed project proposals and specifications
Technical advice
Guideline rates and prices - all materials
Colour matching

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