August 2019

Sika-Trocal’s flexible, durable Type ‘S’ membrane provided the ideal waterproof solution for a large and complex roof installation at a new health facility.

Completed in two phases, the extension to Fieldhead in Wakefield, West Yorkshire – run by South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust - was built to provide additional patient accommodation and care. The project’s first phase was completed in July 2017. It involved the installation of Sika-Trocal’s Type ‘S’ waterproof system across a 2,000m2 area of roofing. The 2mm-thick, mechanically fastened, single-ply membrane’s renowned adaptability was ideal for the task, as it had to cover a number of intricate roofing details.

Selected on behalf of Interserve Construction to install the waterproofing, FCB Roofing installed the slate grey Type ‘S’ membrane to 400mm-thick tapered insulation. This accommodated the roof’s intricate multi-directional design and its various falls. For the roof’s 2-metre verticals and curved areas, Sika-Trocal parapet trim provided a crisp, uniform finish.

The waterproofing aspect of the project’s first phase was completed to deadline, which meant patients were able to occupy a good proportion of the hospital’s new building without delay.

Waterproofing work on the project’s second phase began in September 2017. The new building’s entrance presented a different challenge for installers, with its fan-style, five-tier roof. Again, the Type ‘S’ system’s malleability proved crucial in overcoming an application of such complexity. The remaining 2,000m2 area of roofing was completed to the agreed deadline: September 2018.

Tony Comrie, Contracts Director at FCB Roofing, said: “I don’t know of any membrane that would have been suitable for this project, other than the Sika-Trocal Type ‘S’. It helped simplify a challenging installation. Its flexibility was essential to the waterproofing being finished on time and to the highest standard.”

Fieldhead’s refurbished unit is now fully-operational, with patients benefiting from its additional accommodation and treatment facilities. The Sika-Trocal Type ‘S’ system’s flexible, watertight properties ensured this superb facility’s waterproof roofing was swiftly and stylishly delivered, bringing total peace of mind and comfort for its many occupants.

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