Tempano - Contemporary design and easy installation

July 2019

One of the biggest challenges facing fitters during renovation and new-build projects is the shower area. When developing Tempano, Duravit paid close attention to the requirements for installation and fitting.

Flexibility, speed, and safety are key factors. The height can be flexibly adjusted on site depending on the specific installation
requirements. With a standard water trap height of 50 mm (DIN EN 274), the Duravit outlet, specially developed for installation with a
support frame, enables heights of 110 mm and above to be realized.
When installing without a support frame and with a recess in the screed, the minimum height is just 40 mm. The support frame is supplied in a pre-assembled format and can be easily adapted to the height of the floor structure on site using templates and the adjustable feet that are accessible from above. The Duravit outlet
and connected outlet pipe can be visually inspected for leaks before the shower tray is installed.

The sealing strip is bonded to the lower part of the shower tray in the factory and integrated into the composite waterproofing, so it is easy to create the waterproof seal pursuant to DIN 18534. It meets both therequirements under DIN 4109 relating to soundproofing and the even stricter SIA 181 Swiss standard.

The new Tempano shower tray system from Duravit can be installed anywhere, either flush with the floor, semi-recessed, or floor-mounted, with or without a support frame. The state-of the- art design has a linear slope which, combined with the drain located towards the
side, allows a high drainage rate. A total of 27 different sizes are available. The highgloss, white acrylic is an ideal match for the
ceramics. All shower trays are also available with the "Anti-slip" coating. Thanks to this transparent but noticeable coating, in
compliance with the DIN 51097 standard, the feet gain a more secure grip in the shower for added safety when showering.

Dimensions and sizes:
90x75, 90x80, 90x90
100x70, 100x80, 100x90, 100x100
120x70, 120x80, 120x90, 120x100, 120x120
140x75, 140x80, 140x90, 140x100
150x75, 150x80,
160x80, 160x90, 160x100
170x70, 170x75, 170x90
Duravit AG Founded in 1817 in Hornberg in the Black Forest, Duravit AG is today a leading international manufacturer of designer bathrooms. The company is active in more than 130 countries worldwide and stands for innovation in the fields of signature design, comfort-enhancing technology and premium quality. In cooperation with high-profile international designers, such as Philippe Starck, EOOS, Phoenix Design, sieger design, Kurt Merki Jr., Christian Werner, Matteo Thun and Cecilie Manz, the company develops unique bathrooms that enhance quality of life for users on a sustained basis. Duravit's product portfolio comprises sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, bathtubs and shower trays, wellness systems, shower-toilets, tap fittings and accessories as well as installation systems.

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