Injection Hose Waterproofing, Jersey

July 2019


For this residential project on the Island of Jersey, a homeowner was building a private underground car garage with their own tennis court on top. To help ensure a completely dry basement, Rateavon Jersey installed Newton's Injection hose water bars in the construction joints.

For this project on the Channel Island of Jersey, Castletree Architectural Services built a new underground private garage with tennis court above. Due to the potential high value contents and the nature of the positioning, the client required combined waterproofing to achieve a completely dry space.


With such a specialist installation required, Castletree called on the expertise of the Newton technical team, who worked alongside Newton Specialist Contractor Rateavon Jersey in order to provide the waterproofing installation and guarantee.

With the Type A Newton HydroBond System and concrete slab in place, Rateavon began by installing 80 linear metres of Newton 302 Injection Hose in 10-metre lengths along the top of the kicker joint. The injection hose was fixed at 150mm centres using clamps that were short-fired into the concrete to ensure minimal movement during the rest of the concrete pour.

To complete the Type B system, injection ports were installed at the end of every 10-metre length of hose at a height of 1 metre above the slab.

Finally, once the remaining concrete had been poured and had cured for 28 days, and prior to the internal Newton CDM System being installed, Rateavon used the new ports in the concrete walls to inject the whole system with a one-shot treatment of Newton 322-SP, which cures with or without water to provide a flexible, resilient seal within the kicker joint.


By combining all three Types of waterproofing, as defined by The British Standard 8102:2009, Newton provided the client with the ultimate protection from water ingress. By also ensuring a high-quality concrete pour and with expert installation of the injection hose, the new concrete structure will provide a guaranteed Type B form of waterproofing.