Sherwin-Williams Challenges of Controlling Corrosion

June 2019

The challenges of controlling corrosion are complex and ever-changing, and carry enormous costs if they are not addressed at the highest level.

That's why at Sherwin-Williams, it's been business as usual for almost 150 years to push the limits of paints, coatings and linings, and provide our customers with the solutions to extend asset lifecycles and keep costly downtime to a minimum.

That culture of raising the bar in R&D has resulted in pioneering the development and commercialization of everything from paint in a can to the advanced protective coating systems we invite you to evaluate in these pages. Sherwin-Williams invests millions of dollars in R&D — and always has. We know you need solutions to complicated real-world problems, not generic commodities that get checked off a procurement list.

But it doesn't stop there. In a world where everyone talks about how their product changes the game, these products actually do. Leave nothing to chance.