May 2019

Leading producer of foam sealant window tapes ISO-Chemie has introduced a package of environmental measures with a sting in the tail.

The German manufacturer’s initiative has been designed to protect endangered insects, particularly bees, which will revolve around a programme of conservation and biodiversity.

An insect hotel and wild flower meadow has been established at the company’s Aalen head office to provide new nesting sites and a natural source of food for the bees.

This new hive has also been built on the factory’s green roof, further reinforcing the company’s commitment to environmental protection.

According to Dr Martin Deiß, CEO ISO-Chemie, the move has the backing of employees, many of whom will actively be involved in the initiative.

He said: “With our commitment to sustainability, we are taking a series of pragmatic steps to assume responsibility at our site for a future worth living for generations to come. We are currently focussing on the protection of endangered insects.”

ISO-Chemie, which holds the coveted ISO 14001 environmental certification, is committed to reducing its power consumption and cutting CO2 emissions on both the production and administration sides of its operations.

This includes the introduction of several energy-efficient and sustainable foam tape sealing solutions to reduce the energy consumption of buildings and facilities.

Most of its sealing products have received the prestigious GEV environmental classification of ‘very low emission’. As a result, end-users are assured that these products do not give off hazardous substances into the ambient air.

The business has issued an environmental product declaration (EPD) for its entire range. The EPD discloses a comprehensive balance of all environmental impact associated with its production. It also provides information about the positive effects on energy consumption and thus on the environmental balance of buildings.

Passivhaus standards have also been achieved as an indication of the outstanding thermal values of its products, confirming that they are suitable for use in passive energy installations.

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