Off-Mains Drainage Solutions for Holiday and Home Parks

May 2019

We are delighted that Kingspan is an associate member of the British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA), affiliated to the Thames & Chilterns Branch.

We have a large selection of tried and tested commercial wastewater management solutions which are ideally suited for use in holiday, home and caravan parks. They range from sewage treatment plants and cesspools, to pumping stations, by-pass separators and grease separators (for when there is catering on-site).

Dave Vincent, Kingspan’s commercial director, for the Klargester Product Range sums up what it means: “We’re really pleased to have been accepted as members of the BH&HPA.

“Site owners and managers have a legal responsibility to ensure that wastewater – whether from toilet blocks or from on-site kitchens – does not cause local pollution or a potential health hazard. If that happens, both the installer and the owner could be prosecuted under the 2002 Building Regulations.

“Sadly from time to time, we still hear about caravan parks where septic tank soakaways are failing, passing untreated effluent into rivers.

“We’re urging BH&HPA members – particularly if they’re concerned or own aging wastewater treatment solutions – to take up our offer of a free, no obligation site survey by one of our local advisors. They will inspect the current solution, check that it’s legally compliant and poses no risk and make a recommendation on any required action.”

Kingspan Klargester’s list of commercial wastewater management products includes:

The Commercial BioDisc BD-BM sewage treatment plant – offering high-quality performance, superior reliability and low operational costs
The BioFicient sewage treatment range – designed with efficiency in mind
Cesspools – an ideal solution for silage
Pumping stations – where connection to the mains sewer through gravitational flow isn’t an option
Bypass separators – for carparks and roadways in low risk flood areas
Grease separators – for small restaurants and canteens
For more information/advice:

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