Launch of new state-of-the-art FuelMaster® Diesel Tank Range

May 2019

Kingspan has upgraded the specifications across its renowned range of ‘intelligent’ FuelMaster bunded (double-skinned) diesel tanks.

Now available with five different specification options, the market-leading FuelMaster tanks include some key design features. They are known for their robust plastic construction and durability, which complies with OFTEC and all international regulatory standards for on-site fuel storage. In addition to lockable cabinet for the safe and secure containment of on-site diesel.

The range offers tank management and monitoring systems to suit all agricultural, construction and transportation requirements. Added to which, the tanks now come in a smart grey design as opposed to green – an aesthetic improvement which has received positive feedback from customers.

FuelMaster PRO, for example, is ideal for users needing to effectively manage large fleets. It has an integrated Access Management System, giving users full control over stored and dispensed diesel from the moment it arrives on-site, to when it is dispensed.

The range offers five different product specifications:

Fuelmaster Standard (1)
Sizes range from 1225 to 2500 litre capacity
230v pump plus 4 metre hose, auto nozzle and clock gauge
Fuelmaster Advanced (2)
Sizes range from 1225 to 9000 litre capacity
Management systems for delivery driver and customer
230v pump, flow meter, 10 micron filter and much more
Wiring centres and drip trays on cabinet models
6 metre hose as standard
Fuelmaster Express (3)
With faster pump and eight-metre retractable hosereel
Ideal for customers with numerous vehicles
More time-efficient refuelling
From 3500 to 9000 litre capacity
Fuelmaster Fleet (4)
Sizes 5000 and 9000 litre capacities
With Cube Fleet Management System (up to 120 users)
Ensures precise dispensing by authorised personnel only
Comes with 10 user keys, manager key (download software)
Fuelmaster PRO (5)
Sizes 5000 and 9000 litre capacities
With Kingspan Access Fleet Management and Level Monitoring
Cloud Based Reporting Option (subscription fee applies)
Ensures precise dispensing by authorised personnel only
Unlimited number of users
24/7 streaming, sudden drop alerts and lots more
Every tank comes with a 10 year guarantee.

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