Zehnder Introduces Evolutionary Heating and Lighting Panel for Schools, Education

April 2019

Zehnder Group UK introduces evolutionary heating and lighting panel for schools, educational buildings and commercial spaces

Developed with Whitecroft Lighting, panel combines heating and cooling with lighting and other services

Innovative indoor climate solutions experts, Zehnder Group UK, is proudly unveiling its ground-breaking, multi-service ‘Foil’ product, which encapsulates heating and cooling, lighting and other functions all in one product. The Foil has been jointly engineered with lighting specialists Whitecroft, and will be targeted at schools, educational facilities and commercial buildings.

The Foil’s integrated design is unlike any other solution on the market, due to the number of functions it houses in one panel.

Combining expertise in heating, cooling and lighting

Bringing together Zehnder’s expert knowledge in radiant heating and cooling, and Whitecroft’s heritage in specialist lighting, the Foil combines all the best features of energy efficient heating and cooling, acoustics and lighting. Other services such as speakers, fire alarms, sprinklers and smoke detectors can also be easily incorporated into the design.

The product also boasts a double activation feature that ensures heating and cooling performance is maximised. The panel contains perforation on both sides, meaning sound absorption is optimised and acoustic performance is considered , which is of prime importance in learning environments.

Designed for the installer

The panel is customisable and easy to install, with plug and play connections and simple maintenance requirements. Developed with the installer in mind, the Foil offers simple and easy cable management, lighting module integration and easy hydraulic connection.

Creating an appealing ambience

The panels have a sleek, smooth aesthetic, creating an appealing ambience due to its clever utilisation of space. The fact that all functions are housed in the one panel means that ceilings can remain uncluttered, contributing to a sustainable and inspirational learning space in schools and other educational settings.

Meeting standards

In addition to their pleasing appearance, the panels also meet all necessary requirements, including energy standards and acoustic design standards for schools. Tested to EN 14307, EN1264 and ISO354 standards, the Foil has a maximum working temperature of 80°C, a maximum test pressure of 7.8 bar and a maximum working pressure of 6 bar.

David Simoes, Product Manager – RHC of Zehnder Group UK, comments: “It’s always exciting to be able to develop and launch a product which offers something new and transformational. It’s an ideal solution for educational and commercial buildings, where sleek and uncluttered design is vital and the multiple functions help to enhance the learning environment, deliver comfort and boost productivity.”

For more information, visit Zehnder Multi-Service Foil page on the Zehnder Group UK website.

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