Let in the Light this Spring with a Glass Rooflight

April 2019

Let in the Light this Spring with a Glass Rooflight

14th March 2019

Rooflights come with two main options for their glazing: glass or polycarbonate. To the inexperienced eye, they may look quite similar – from a distance. Closer up, glass rooflights and polycarbonate rooflights will serve different purposes and different types of customers. Glass rooflights are usually the preferred option for homeowners looking to achieve a better aesthetic and a more enjoyable way of life for themselves, in beautiful surroundings.

The different types of glass rooflight
There are several types of rooflight that use glass as standard:

• Fixed Glass Rooflights – modern and minimalistic, a flat glass rooflight will let in maximum amounts of daylight and look stunning in any setting.

• Roof lanterns/ pyramids – perfect for creating an architectural feature whilst giving beautiful, panoramic sky views overhead.

• Manually Hinged and Electrically Hinged Glass Rooflights – choose a rooflight that offers quality glazing along with the option to ventilate your space.

• Walk On – using strengthened double glazing, walk-on rooflights are suitable for pedestrian access whilst lighting up a space below.

Why choose glass?
Is a premium option for your rooflights, giving you multiple benefits for your home. With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to invest in an aesthetically pleasing glass rooflight.

We find our customers most often choose them because:

• It’s aesthetically pleasing. Sunlight streaming in through clear glass makes for a lovely, welcoming sight inside the home.

• You can enjoy reduced noise. When it rains, tends to be more noise proof than polycarbonate alternatives. It will create a better atmosphere inside the home.

• It’s thermally efficient. You can achieve very low u-values when you use double glazing. Don’t allow lots of heat to escape from your home.

• There are specialist glass options available. If you have specialist requirements, you can choose different types of glass, like coloured, toughened or self-cleaning.

The perfect glass rooflight brands for choice, quality and value
We offer various branded rooflights to give you plenty of choice for your home. Some of our top-selling rooflight brands include:

• AstroGlaze

• SkyLantern

• SolarGlaze

• StarGlaze

• ThermaLight

Need any more information regarding glass rooflights and the options available to you? Call 01276 451555 or e-mail info@nationaldomes.com and our team can help you.