BBA Certified Newton 802-DPM Added To Damp Proofing Range

March 2019

BBA Certified Newton 802-DPM is joining Newton's impressive product portfolio. The 100% recycled, loose-laid, low density polyethylene damp proof membrane is suitable for use below concrete floors or screeds where no groundwater pressure is expected.

Sitting within the Damp Proofing System, Newton 802-DPM is now part of a comprehensive list of products that can be used in different combinations dependent on what the project demands. The damp proof membrane is compatible with all commonly used building materials and can be sealed with Newton's damp proof course, 809-DPC, to extend the damp proof membrane through spine and exterior walls. A range of accessories can be utilised for jointing the membrane and to ensure its continuation. These included Newton Waterseal Tape and Overtape, as well as Newton Pipe Collar, Joist Liner and Pipe Sleeve.

Newton 802-DPM is flexible at even the lowest temperatures and resistant to both cracking and ageing, making it suitable for applications within commercial and domestic properties. The damp proof membrane provides a barrier against capillary-held moisture and vapour, in accordance with clause 11 of CP 102:1973 to ensure a dry floor finish suitable for use below heavy-duty rafts and steel reinforced slabs.

Suitable for more common floor construction, Newton 802-DPM can be used for projects including suspended concrete floors, ground-bearing concrete floors, or beam and block floors. Easy and simple to install and 100% recycled, the damp proof membrane has high water vapour resistance and good resistance to elongation and tearing, making it the ideal product for damp proofing floors. Available in 1200 gauge (4m x 25m), Newton 802-DPM is suitable for almost all damp proofing installations.

For further information, please visit the Newton 802-DPM product page at to read and download the product literature. Alternatively, please contact our Technical department on 01732 360 095 or