TROX Academy & CPD Programmes

March 2019

TROX Academy & CPD Programmes

With a manufacturer and project design perspective the TROX Academy is dedicated to supporting construction industry professionals - whether this is helping your graduate engineers access information about a range of products or more experienced construction industry professionals looking to discuss project specific topics.

We have held and continue to offer training sessions which support the title “Air Management Systems and Technologies - Their Impact on Energy Efficiency”. These currently include:

AHU integrated digital controls: plug and play, digital versus analogue, and a brief overview of fan control strategies
Controlling energy costs by controlling air volume
Indoor air quality; its effects on productivity
“Air for the people, water for the loads": A guide to energy efficient chilled beam technology with guidance in optimised design and controls philosophy
Each subject or concept considers basic design issues, selections and application guidance using presentation and discussion sessions.

We have found that the practical demonstrations within our laboratory complex and the tour of our manufacturing facilities at our Thetford site are both enormously popular in visualizing technical theories.

On-going professional development is a key requirement within the industry. To support this, as a part of our TROX Academy programme, TROX UK have developed a number of CIBSE accredited CPDs that can be used not only to meet your on-going CIBSE CPD requirements but to also support you within your day to day role. These courses are designed for consultants, contractors, building service engineers, technical designers and all graduates of building services or architecture. TROX CPD courses currently accredited by CIBSE include:

“Lab Control”
“Air for the people, water for the loads”. A guide to energy efficient chilled beam technology
“Eco-design requirements for non-residential ventilation units”
“Air flow control - Variable Air Volume (VAV)”

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